A Couple’s Love for Tradition Contributes to the Opening of a New Antique Store

Miff’s Mercantile is located off highway 54 in Linton.


Miff’s Mercantile is located off highway 54 in Linton, and on Tuesday morning store owners Brian Mifflin and Tanya Rose were in a rush to get ready for their big opening. The couple has been working long hours for nearly a month and a half, preparing the building while holding down home lives and other jobs.

Rose said the business started with a simple desire for a garden.

“I’ve been interested in antiques for a long time, but for him [Mifflin] we wanted a garden at home this year – a big family garden. So it started out with us looking for a garden tiller. We went to an auction to find one, and ended up coming home with a truck and trailer full of stuff. It just grew from there,” she explained.

The couple appreciates tradition and family time, which plays a factor in their new business.

“We started watching Little House on the Prairie and The Waltons. Over the summer our kids didn’t like us very much at all because we put up a clothes line and we’d wash our clothes with the old washer then hang all of our clothes to dry. We started a garden. We had candle night where we’d use no electricity, except for the TV where we’d watch The Waltons or Little House on the Prairie, and we would use candles and oil lamps. At first they didn’t like it, then it got to the point that if we didn’t do it they’d say, ‘But what about candle night?’ Then we also started having dinners around the table, which a lot of families don’t do anymore,” said Rose.

Not only does the couple buy, sell, and trade these antique items, they also teach their children some of the history behind certain pieces.

Miff’s Mercantile has a variety of antiquities from children’s toys to crates and pictures. They are open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

“We carry a little bit of everything,” added Brian Mifflin.

You can view the Miff’s Mercantile website here.