New Dance Studio Opening in Linton

The Nancy Sauer School of Theatrical Dancing is opening a second location in the Linton Shopping Center.

Photos Courtesy of the Nancy Sauer School of Theatrical Dancing

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Terre Haute’s Nancy Sauer School of Theatrical Dancing has been operating for 60 years, and owner/instructor Wende Personette said kids in the local area will soon be able to take classes without all the drive-time.

Personette is opening a second location in the Linton Shopping Center, just a door down from the license branch and Work One. They hope to start offering classes in ballet, tap, and jazz the first week of September.

The classes are open to adults and children ages three and up.

“It’s very structured, which is good for children,” explained Personette. “They learn discipline, self-confidence, poise, and of course grace. It’s really good for self-control, motivation, and flexibility. Dance just does so much for a person inside and out.”

In the beginning, Personette will be offering classes Tuesday evenings, Thursday mornings, and Saturday evenings. She hopes to hire another teacher or two and be able to open six days a week, though.

Personette is tentatively planning an open house for the evening of Tuesday, August 27th.

“It’s not set in stone yet,” she said, “we’re trying to get all the paperwork finalized. But my plan is to have a place where people can come and register, and I’m thinking some of my Terre Haute students will come so we can have some classes going so that people can see what we’re offering.”

The Nancy Sauer School of Theatrical Dancing will hold a Christmas recital and a spring recital every year, to give students the opportunity to perform on stage.

“We’re just really excited because we’ve met some very nice people in Linton and it seems like a really wonderful community. So we’re really excited about starting a studio here,” added Personette.

You can find out more about the school on its Facebook page.


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